We are currently looking to improve our hospitality and welcome to be more fully able to accommodate the needs of the people who attend our regular church activities and special events

We welcome comments, questions and engagement from our villagers as we look to develop our beautiful building for the current and future generations.

The project has four aspects

1) - Maintaining and developing the space that we call our "fellowship area". We believe that hospitality, sharing food and drink together, is at the heart of our Christian community and our hand of welcome.

2) Providing dedicated preparation space for the food and drink aspects of this welcome

3) Providing toilet facilities that afford easy access to all who we welcome to our church building. This facility is often called "disabled access toilets" - but serves a far wider breadth of people who have a physical limitations to access our current small toilet area at the bottom of a set of steps

4) Improving the storage facilities for all the inevitable bits and pieces that help us to provide a meeting space for the villagers and other guests who come to our church

Over a period of time, our Church council [PCC] has developed and investigated an extensive series of options and prepared  a resultant design scheme to best serve our needs, taking into account the constraints of accommodating these in our beautiful ancient building

The background and description of the project is detailed in this document

The architect plans of the extension to provide suitable toilet facilities as currently proposed are summarised in this drawing

and to accommodate this extension, the proposed diversion to the footpath through the graveyard sketched here

If, as a resident of Cornwood parish you would like to make comments or ask questions about our design and proposals, please email us at this dedicated address markcornwoodchurch [at ] btinternet [dot] com with a note of your residence and interest in the project.

Thank you

Paul Hinckley [vicar] and Cornwood PCC

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