Vicar Revd Paul Hinckley - 

Paul is the vicar of the parishes of Ivybridge, Cornwood, Harford and Sparkwell, Paul has served in parishes all around the English counties and is delighted to be serving the parishes of the South Dartmoor Mission Community. Paul trained and worked as a structural design and safety engineer before turning his time to lead churches in their worship, prayer and ourtreach.

Becoming a Christian in his childhood in a church in a small village, Paul has spent much of his adult life helping churches to serve their local communities and helping individuals to make their own first steps in knowing, loving and following Jesus.

Marilyn Sharp  and  George Austin

Members of the PCC:
Colin Fidler - Treasurer and Deanery Synod Representative
Sarah Owens - Secretary 
Brenda Gregory
Irene McClelland
Megan de Mendonca
Elayne Rouse -  Safeguarding Officer
Rodney Ford
Marie Jarvis