Finances and Giving

St. Michael's Church is almost entirely reliant on donations and regular giving from our congregation to enable us to keep the life and fabric of the church going.

If you are a UK Taxpayer by Gift Aiding your donation St. Michael's can reclaim tax, thereby increasing your donation by 25%, at no cost to you.

There are several methods by which you can offer your support:

Regular Planned Giving

You can donate regularly by using our Envelope Scheme, on a weekly, monthly or irregular basis. You will be provided with numbered envelopes, allowing you to donate at our services in a totally confidential manner.

Alternatively or in addition to envelope giving, you may set up a Standing Order from your bank account on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Many parishioners now find this the most convenient way of providing their support.

One Off or Irregular Donations

Gift Aid envelopes are always available at our services.

For more information about any of the various ways of donating to St. Michael's please contact:

Thank you.

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