Deanery Synod 15th Oct 2015

Minutes of the Deanery Synod held at Sparkwell on 15th October 2015

The meeting was welcomed by Jayne Richardson and opened in prayer by Rev John Perry.  A specific welcome was given to Margaret Morgan a new diocesan synod Rep and Rev Martin Kirkbride (Wembury) who was also attending his first synod meeting.  It was explained that Eric Blogg had been forced to step down from both diocesan and deanery synods due to ill health.

GUEST SPEAKER – REV DANIEL FRENCH, 'Parish Monasticism - new ways of supporting the local church'

Daniel introduced himself and began his talk by giving a brief personal history leading to his invitation to address the meeting to discuss ‘Parish Monasticism – new ways of supporting the local church’.  His talk was followed by refreshments and an opportunity to ask questions.

Appointment of Minute taker

Wendy Harvey from Cornwood, had agreed to take the minutes of this meeting.

Minutes of last meeting

Following a short discussion item 11 of the previous minutes was clarified – parish giving will not necessarily reduce the work of parish treasurers so it was agreed to amend the minutes to read - ‘may’ reduce the work of parish treasurers.  All agreed, the minutes were signed as a true record of the previous meeting.

News From Parishes and Mission Communities

There was little to report from the various parishes:

Brixton/Yealmpton – still struggling along whilst Rev Murphy is still away.
Cornwood/Sparkwell – well along the road of the new monasticism
Newton Ferrers/Noss Mayo/Revelstock – have the Lee Abbey Mission Team visiting. At the request of young families, it is planned to have 2 ‘Messy’ Sundays each month which will include a band playing more contemplary music.  These services will take place at 4pm in Holy Cross Church.
Wembury – many weddings planned, and a large number of baptisms.  Most baptisms have been taking place outside of the normal service, but it has been decided to bring baptisms into the service on 2nd Sunday each month.  Baptismal services have brought in the largest congregations during the past few months.  Currently working on foundations to develop a younger church membership.


Two reports had been circulated prior to the meeting – General Synod: July 2015 Group of Sessions and Diocesan Synod report of 10th October 2015. Both were accepted.

2016 Meeting Dates

The following dates were agreed:

Tuesday 15th March
Wednesday 15th June
Thursday 13th October

It was also agreed the Chapter would advise the venues in due course.  No speakers have been lined up at the time.  Any ideas for speakers for next year should be forwarded to Jayne. 

Any Other Business

There was some discussion about the number of meetings that should be held annually and whether two meetings would be sufficient rather than three.  No decision was made about this.

Closing Prayer

The closing prayers and blessing were given by Martin Kirkbride.