Cornwood Challenge 2022

The 2022 Cornwood Challenge was held on Saturday 23rd July 2022. Thanks to everyone who helped make the Sibelco Cornwood 10K Challenge and Fun Run a success on its return after two years away from the village calendar. In line with most running events in the West Country, entries were lower than in previous years but it’s great that the Church Special Events Committee have been able to get this lovely community event back out into the public eye again.

Congratulations to our winners and podium finishers in the 10K but especially to Maddy Jones, the first U16 girl to finish first in the 4K Fun Run, and winner of the inaugural Girls’ Cup, generously donated to us by Dr. Beth Newstead who lives just along the way at Venton and by a happy coincidence is Maddy’s Mum.

Well done and many thanks to all who took part or helped in any way at all, and we will hopefully see you all again on the start line on the evening of the fourth Saturday in July 2023.

Here are the results:

Top three runners in the 10K in each category:

Overall Race Men

1 Joe Beaton 0:36:16  
2 Rich Shelley 0:37:38 Plymstock Road Runners 
3 Ronnie Haynes 0:37:48  

Overall Race Ladies

1 Kirsty Prowse 0:45:22 DSFRS Running Club 
2 Chloe Weeks 0:47:56  
3 Ella Thurston 0:48:14  

Veteran Men

1 Rich Shelley 0:37:38 Plymstock Road Runners
2 Steven Hill 0:40:05 Plymouth Harriers 
3 Pete Waumsley 0:40:35  

Veteran Ladies

1 Janette Beaton 0:50:25 Plymouth Falconers 
2 Catherine Shortman 0:51:03  
3 Alison Engledew 0:52:46 Erme Valley Harriers


The Team prizes:
Men - Erme Valley Harriers
Ladies - Plymouth Harriers

The results below have been verified using video footage and may vary slightly from any individual results given verbally on race day.

Overall Fun Run Results

1 Maddy Jones 0:15:44   
2 Angus Harris 0:16:01   
3 Isabella May 0:16:15   


Fun Run Results Girls            Fun Run Results Boys

1 Maddy Jones  1    Angus Harris
2 Isabella May  2    Freddy Newman
3 Angelica Copping  3    George Costiff


For full 10K results and times please click here: Cornwood10KResults2022.pdf

For Fun Run positions click here: CornwoodFunRunResults2022.pdf