Cornwood Challenge 2019

The 2019 Cornwood Challenge was held on Saturday 27th July 2019. The 2019 runnings of the Sibelco Cornwood 10K Challenge and 4K Fun Run were a great success. Numbers were similar to previous years and there was a great atmosphere in Cornwood Square, with many families, friends and interested spectators crowding around the Start and Finish. The weather was very kind to the runners, being sunny and breezy, with the temperature slightly cooler than the earlier part of the day. The large crowd stayed around to support all the finishing runners, and overall a good day was had by all. The organizing committee are exceptionally pleased that for the first time in the 15 years of the events a previous winner of the 4K Fun Run as an under-16 competitor (in 2016) has gone on to win the adult 10K race, and that was Samuel Yearling of Plymouth Harriers.

Top three runners in the 10K in each category:

Overall Race Men

1 Sam Yearling 0:36:08 Plymouth Harriers
2 William Tyrell-Moore 0:36:17  
3 Bill Hayton 0:36:21 Pontypridd Rodents A/C

Overall Race Ladies

1 Katie Deards 0:41:29 Lonely Goat RC 
2 Amy James 0:45:00  
3 Janette Beaton 0:47:51  

Veteran Men

1 Peter Monaghan 0:36:48 Torbay AAC
2 Pete Waumsley 0:39:31  
3 Allister Bristow 0:40:04 Erme Valley Harriers

Veteran Ladies

1 Janette Beaton 0:47:51  
2 Christine Costiff 0:48:29  
3 Kate Medlicott 0:51:58  Erme Valley Harriers


The Team prizes:
Men - Erme Valley Harriers
Ladies - Erme Valley Harriers

The results below have been verified using video footage and may vary slightly from any individual results given verbally on race day.

For full 10K results and times please click here: Cornwood10KResults2019.pdf

For Fun Run positions click here: CornwoodFunRunResults2019.pdf