Cornwood Challenge 2018

The 2018 Cornwood Challenge was held on Saturday 28th July 2018. The 10K race was won by Adam Holland with a course record of 33 minutes and 34 seconds.

Top three runners in the 10K in each category:

Overall Race Men

1 Adam Holland 0:33:34 Tavistock Run Project
2 Jim Cole 0:34:11 Tavistock Run Project
3 Peter Monaghan 0:36:31 Torbay AAC

Overall Race Ladies

1 Naomi Flanagan 0:41:44  
2 Racheal Malthouse 0:42:39 Tavistock Run Project
3 Freyn Porter 0:43:45 South Hams Harriers

Veteran Men

1 Peter Monaghan 0:36:31 Torbay AAC
2 Hamish Gallagher 0:38:48  
3 Steve Watson 0:42:30 Tavistock Run Project

Veteran Ladies

1 Janette Beaton 0:48:15 Storm Plymouth 
2 Christine Costiff 0:48:20  
3 Sue Curry 0:49:50  


The Team prizes:
Men - Tavistock Run Project
Ladies - Storm Plymouth

The results below have been verified using video footage and may vary slightly from any individual results given verbally on race day.

For full 10K results and times please click here: Cornwood10KResults2018.pdf

For Fun Run positions click here: CornwoodFunRunResults2018.pdf