Cornwood Challenge 2013

2013's SIBELCO Cornwood 10K Challenge and Fun Run was held on Saturday 27th July starting at 6.30pm. It was a very successful event with 142 runners in the 10K and 50 in the 4K Fun Run. The results are given below with Peter Monaghan winning the race and Emma Lake breaking the female course record by over a minute.

Top three runners in the 10K in each category:

Overall Race Men

1 Peter Monaghan 0:36:05 Torbay AC
2 Allister Bristow 0:36:24 Erme Valley Harriers
3 Jake Hughes 0:37:10 Bracknell AC

Overall Race Ladies

1 Emma Lake 0:41:40 Erme Valley Harriers
2 Cleo Andrews 0:41:56 Erme Valley Harriers
3 Jaine Swift 0:44:59 Erme Valley Harriers

Veteran Men

1 Peter Monaghan 0:36:05 Torbay AC
2 Michael Northey 0:38:58 Plymouth Harriers
3 Simon Swift 0:40:54 Erme Valley Harriers

Veteran Ladies

1 Bonny Collingborn 0:46:42
2 Angie Brothers 0:48:30 Plymstock Road Runners
3 Helen Jordan 0:53:14

The Team prizes:
Men -  Erme Valley Harriers
Ladies - Erme Valley Harriers

For full 10K results and times please click here: Cornwood10KResults2013.pdf

For Fun Run positions please click here: CornwoodFunRunResults2013.pdf