100 Club

The Friends of St. Michaels 100 Club is a draw open to anybody aged 16 or over. It costs £5 a month to join and there are 3 prizes each month. You can get more information about how you can become a Friend of St. Michael's by emailing Linda Masters lindamasters@sky.com.

Result drawn in July 2020:

1st   Tim Watson £127
2nd  Jean Ingram £76
3rd   Andrew West £51

In the past the Anglican community was large and wealthy enough to support the upkeep of its enormous stock of historic buildings. Those days are gone. Unless St. Michael's can attract a wider group of supporters our lovely church building faces mounting problems. It receives no funding from the Diocese or the District Council towards its maintenance. It really does need Friends.

By becoming one you will be helping to provide:

  • repairs and improvements to the fabric of the building
  • vital basic work like plumbing and kitchen facilities
  • careful interior alterations to make it more accessible and usable
  • resources for urgent major restoration projects (e.g. 16thC & 17thC wall memorials)

As a Friend you will get:

  • a regular bulletin with advance notice of events
  • detailed progress reports on church improvements
  • your name inscribed in the Friends’ Book kept in the church
  • entry into a monthly prize draw.

You will also have the satisfaction of contributing to a priceless community inheritance with the knowledge that future generations will benefit from this key part of our history, as so many have in the past.

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