Jan 28, 2012

Fr Freddy's February message

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Category: General
Posted by: suzi hedgecock

I write this at the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of the season of Epiphany (Jan 6).

Epiphany is from a Greek word meaning 'to reveal, to show'... so may this season be a season of revelation and insights for us all!

In the beginning, as I remember, were the January Sales when retailers sold off unwanted winter stock in order to clear space for their Spring lines. Slowly the sales crept forwards to the day after Boxing Day. Then it came to Boxing Day itself. Now they have leapfrogged Christmas itself and taken over the week before.

What I find most upsetting is the rise of online shopping on Christmas Day itself! Up 50% from last year! That's some revelation I don't want to reflect upon. Shopping addiction is on the increase. The Archbishop of York in his Christmas Day sermon spoke of it as "a beastly way" to live.

Epiphany begins with the story of the journey of the mysterious visitors to the stable, having been led there by a star. These persons - Magi? Kings. Tradition says three of them, the New Testament doesn't give a number. At the end of their journey, they find a child and his mother and father in a stable with animals. A scene of weakness, vulnerability and love. They set down their odd gifts which were accepted with love and made the long journey home - wondering what had brought them there, why they had come, and who was that baby and where are we going?

The pressing question at the beginning of the year is who and where are we as a society in Britain? Questions to each of us, to our church, to our society. "Britain, where are you?"
God give us the words to answer that.

Meanwhile, may the light of God shine upon us in our struggles and hopes, our griefs and disappointments. May the journey through the coming year bring us joy and hope.

Fr Freddy

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