Nov 25, 2011

Fr Freddy's December message

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Posted by: suzi hedgecock

Dear Friends of St. Michael's

It's time to think of Chirstmas cards; when to find the time is the main worry! I've got them in front of me - beautiful Renaissance paintings on one side and Alzheimer's or Stroke on the other. Where appropriate, I add love to the official kind of wishes. The recipients spread through time - very few school friends now, acquaintances and of course, far scattered relatives.

It's that time of year - two festivls of Christmas, I suppose. The first, a festival of bonhomie which concludes on December 25th, the other, the celebration of Christ's birth which begins on December 25th.

I can't help remembering, how it's the people who walk in darkness who are promised the great light. Those who dwell in the land of the shadow of death - upon them that great light will shine. I'm sure this is a time of year when the bereaved, particularly, feel crushingly alienated from the world around them. The glitter and baubles seem an insult to their pain.

Christmas is a swirling and fluid adventure, perfect for each and different for all. As I get older, I have learnt, like a river, you cannot step into the same Christmas twice. It is a secret thing, tapping us on the shoulder and surprising us, because we were looking the other way.

The high spot and the beginning of Chirstmas at Cornwood, is for me and for many, our Christingle service - the Church bursting at the seams with happy faces. Then, in the service, the darkness and the light; the first sign of Christmas is the lighted candle. Every candle is a visible reminder of invisible light. Our faith is a lamp to our feet.

The Shepherds, abiding in the fields, are wrapped in darkness until the glory shines about them. The Magi are lost in obtuse calculations, until the light of the star leads them to an unexpected presence.

Whoever we are, whatever our beliefs, during this season of peace we welcome God into our hearts, not as a distant King or a moral watchdog, but as an intimate companion, ready to join us on our journey into and through, another New Year.

Blessings for a Happy Christmas,

Fr Freddy

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